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Rebecca Dallard

Psychologist, Present Moment Psychology

Rebecca is a highly experienced psychologist who practices under her individual brand Present Moment Psychology. She prefers to work from a Gestalt framework that she integrates with evidence-based therapeutic approaches, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness.

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Family Counsellor

Maria Sleight

Registered Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Wellbeing Therapy Associate

Maria brings her experience as a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner and a Nationally Accredited Mediator to help support couples, teenagers, and children (8+) in a safe environment. Her aim is to work collaboratively so that her clients can achieve “their best life”.

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Helen Gailes

Psychologist, Wellbeing Therapy Associate

Helen Gailes works with Wellbeing Therapy Space under her own brand Positive Insights. She works in Canning Vale and Leederville with older children (12+), teenagers, adults and couples. She brings with her a wealth over experience obtained over the last 15 years working as a psychologist. Please note. Helen is currently on leave until the end half of this year.

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We Cover All Aspects of Wellbeing

We consistently deliver high-quality information and refer to high-quality psychologists, counsellors and health practitioners across all dimensions of well-being.

Environmental Wellbeing

We provide a therapeutic space in which both the client and the practitioner can connect. Our pleasant and stimulating environment supports your journey to well-being.




We all desire personal satisfaction and enrichment from our working life. We can help with career counselling and transition, work/life balance and workplace bullying.


If we become more aware of our motivations, thoughts, emotions and behaviours we can cope with life’s challenges including Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Grief and Loss, Self-worth and Trauma.




We need to indulge and encourage our desire to learn new concepts, improve skills and seek challenges. We can help you recognise your creative abilities and find ways to expand your knowledge and skills.


Through relationships and connections with others, we will be better able to deal with conflict, family life, communication and even separation and divorce.




Maintaining a healthy life has a significant impact on our wellness. We can help you adopt healthy habits and avoid destructive habits. We can advise on nutrition, sleep, relaxation, exercise, naturopathy and more.


Establishing a balance between beliefs, values and actions provides peace and harmony in your life. We can assist with self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and authenticity.




It is important to feel in control of your finances and satisfied with your future financial situation. We aim to provide information to you in this area. See our blog for resources. Please note, we are NOT financial advisors.

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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

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