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Let’s be honest – relationships (in whatever form they take) are hard. There is no such thing as the perfect relationship. All relationships take work and compromise but they are worthwhile and can be enriching and fulfilling (if done right). At Wellbeing Therapy Space, we offer support for couples and families in this diverse world to help you with your relationship. While no two relationships are the same and what works well for one may not work for another, there are issues that commonly impact every relationship at some stage and ideas and ways to enrich all relationships.

There are common issues in most relationships, be they heterosexual or gay, first, second or third committed relationships, similar or different ages, the same or different cultures. Positive relationships are important if you want your life to be happy and help provide comfort, love, personal support and friendship. They also take a lot of dedication, focus, and work, and can often be frustrating. Even with supportive partners, they still take work and effort.

Unfortunately, relationships with partners, friends or family can become negative. You may find yourself in a relationship that has issues that you can’t confront and solve on your own. Without assistance, these problems can be physically, emotionally and psychologically harmful.

The good news is it’s never too late, you can always work to improve your relationships.


Achieving and maintaining positive, respectful and healthy relationships


Happy, positive relationships are good for you and your whole family. In healthy relationships we help each other emotionally and also practically, sharing the good times and supporting each other through the inevitable hard times. Importantly, your relationship affects your children in numerous ways, they will benefit from any improvements to your relationship.


Good relationships involve:


  • Respect, trust and by definition, honesty
  • Love, friendship and shared goals
  • Mutual support
  • Communication
  • Agreement on important matters


What are the causes of relationship issues?


There are many reasons for breakdowns in relationships whether between family, friends or couples, including:


  • Poor communication skills
  • Conflict about household responsibilities and tasks
  • Intimacy-related problems
  • Financial issues
  • Major life changes
  • Extended family conflicts

Relationships can change


Over time, people change and this often impacts on relationships. Changes include:


  • The birth of children and child rearing
  • Work demands
  • Financial issues
  • Changing interests


There may also be unexpected changes like:


  • Illness or injury
  • Unemployment
  • Addiction or substance abuse


All changes bring challenges, but they are easier to deal with if involved parties can talk and work through any issues or concerns.

How can counselling help mend and repair your relationship?


Relationship counselling helps you use the right tools to remain positive, resolve disagreements and increase resilience. We offer proven strategies and techniques that will enhance relationship quality, helping you to understand individual differences and feel more fulfilled in your relationship.

Sessions can be attended together or by yourself to talk through problems. In fact, many clients find it beneficial to discuss their relationship needs by themselves, without their partner present. Please note, if you have complex relationship issues or if you feel that you are not in a safe relationship, we advise you seek professional help as soon as possible.


Please note, if you have complex relationship issues or if you feel that you are not in a safe relationship, we advise you to seek professional help as soon as possible.


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