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Medicare Rebates Apply to our fully registered psychologists and clinical psychologists.

Our Pricing Policy


Wellbeing Therapy Space is concerned about the financial wellbeing of our local community and we are committed to providing our clients with exceptional service at competitive rates.


How much does it cost to see a psychologist?

According to the Australian Psychological Society, the rate psychologists should charge is $238 for a session. Wellbeing Therapy Space is committed to providing a high-quality service at a competitive price. And unlike other practices, it is the same price to see one of our psychologists for an after-hours appointment.


The compromise we have made between price and quality is as follows:

Standard Rates:


Psychologist Initial Consultation $182.00 per 75-minute therapy session. Individuals with a Mental Health Care Plan will pay $94.55 out of pocket.

Psychologist Standard Consultation $162.00 er 51-minute therapy session (during business hours). Individuals with a Mental Health Care Plan will pay $74.55 out of pocket.

Clinical Psychologist Standard Consultation $205 per 51-minute therapy session (during business hours). Individuals with a Mental Health Care Plan will receive $129.55 back from Medicare. That is $75.45 out of pocket.

NB. After-hours sessions may incur an additional $20 fee (applies to a standard consultation only) – enquire at time of booking.


Why we don’t typically bulk bill


1. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service

We don’t typically bulk bill as we find that a free service can sometimes mean that it is viewed as lower quality and may impact on motivation to attend. When we pay for things we tend to value them more. Our psychologists and counsellors are highly trained with many years of experience and the service they provide is highly regarded.

2. You may be more invested in the process

A not-for-profit counselling centre a few years ago advised that they always insisted clients pay something towards their session. The reason she gave me was that when people pay for many people they are more likely to continue to do it. See the interesting article at:

If you are in financial hardship our associate Elisa Mladenovich will often take on new clients in difficult circumstances at a lower cost.


We can claim Medicare rebates online for you if you are eligible. Rebates are electronically processed without the need for you to attend a Medicare office, with rebates received overnight directly into your bank account.

Go to the “What the deal with Medicare rebates? section in the FAQs page” for more detailed information on Medicare rebates.

Private Health Fund

It is recommended that you check with your Health Fund provider to determine your level of cover and likely out-of-pocket expense. Ask about your ancillary benefits insurance (or extras cover).


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