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We have locations across Perth. With Perth psychologists South of the River, North of the River and in the Western suburbs. We offer counselling and psychological services to those needing assistance in any matter. We have child counsellors, couples counsellors, teen counsellors, hypnotherapists and more.

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Instructions for referring GPs:

Wellbeing Therapy Space is now accepting electronic referrals securely via HealthLink:


Our EDI: wbtspace

Please use Rebecca Dallard’s Healthlink Provider Number 430720DK in Canning Vale

Please add our EDI of: wbtspace to your address books for secure messaging. Note. Medical Director users will need to search the MD exchange online directory for facility code “hmsweber” and copy this to their local address book and edit this to our details.  For referrals to match you will need to enter surname as “SURNAME (wbtspace)”.