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Environmental Wellbeing


We aim to provide a therapeutic space in which both the client and the practitioner can connect. Our nourishing environment is designed to support your journey.

When I lived in the Perth Hills I experienced a profound sense of calm when I turned into the tree-lined streets. For me, trees are ‘good for my soul’. So now I make sure that I live near large gum trees that I can see, smell, and touch. I am always surprised how my surroundings can pull me into a moment of mindfulness and a sense of deep connection with something larger than myself.

This profound experience has resulted in a desire to provide an environment that is supportive of the therapeutic process. A place that is warm and welcoming. It is a work in progress and we are continually working to improve the space. The hope is to support both therapists and clients alike to improve their mood, reduce stress, and invite positive interaction. Interestingly, a pleasant, healthy environment may also positively impact your immune system and physical health.

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