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LGBTIQ Issues In Teenagers


Belonging and fitting in is the central point to any child and teenager lives. At a time when young people are keenly aware of the social structures within society, they are already feeling delicate and vulnerable; if there are questions around gender and/ or sexuality then these keenly delicate notions of self are incredibly vulnerable.


Risks When Your Teen is Questioning Their Gender or Sexuality

I was nineteen when I ‘came out’ so I have excellent first-hand knowledge of this experience and the disorientation I felt prior to this time. The isolation and self-loathing that was more common in the past for young people in sexual minorities is not just something from the past, sadly it still continues to this day. Self-harm, depression, suicidal ideation and suicide are incredibly high statistically. It breaks my heart.


How Can Therapy Help?


Good self-image and good self-care is that start to any young person (or young at heart) life. My work is about providing a safe and supportive space for individuals, couples and families to provide a journey together towards a new beginning.


1. Communication and care – This is at the heart of any transformation and no matter the life changes or developments that is the basis for all the work that I do.

2. Safety and Risk Factors – For young children, teenagers and people in general who are transitioning or just pondering transitioning, the need for safety is paramount, this is an absolute necessity.

3. Exploration – My work is about exploring what this means together and with extended family members and friends. Safety and care plans are also a necessity.

4. Collaboration – Should there be more complex and challenging aspect to a person’s functionality and I can work closely with a GP and/or Psychiatrist.

5. Transition and Medical Planning – to help achieve wellness again. What is most important for me with each client is renewing joy, my modus operandi is about functional wellbeing, repairing and building self-esteem and seeing the future as bright and wonderful.

6. Integration – Meeting the world and showing up with your authentic self is challenging for both young and old. Issues of gender and sexuality often make this much more challenging. I am available to support you through your journey and support you integrate “who you are” with how you wish to be in the world.

7. Building support for encountering difference – Part of your journey (as with all people) will likely involve meeting with ignorance and the judgment of others. I am available to help you work out ways to deal with such differences.

There are 100s of LGBTIQ who have been on this journey and can testify that it is not only possible to grow and thrive, but that you can come out the other side of challenges with a renewed sense of love for life.

Being alive is so much better once you feel comfortable being yourself and sharing that precious self with others.

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