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The Referral Hub

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Welcome to The Referral Hub brought to you by Wellbeing Therapy Collective. Viviana Jancso and Rebecca Dallard put their heads together to work out a way to provide services to the community when they are fully booked. We are planning to trial our new service offering to psychologists in 2022. At present this service is only available to suitably qualified psychologists with at least 5 years of experience.


Essentially The Referral Hub aims to assist psychologists who rent a space with us to benefit from our existing referral pipelines. To work with you to increase your digital and local area presence within our primary locations of Wembley and Leeming.


  • post your availability via the Wellbeing Therapy Collective Halaxy diary on the Wellbeing Therapy Space website
  • increase your organic online visibility with online searches (e.g. Google search, Bing search) by posting your practice information on the Wellbeing Therapy Space website under the practitioner (associate) page
  • provide copy to the website as a Guest blogger
  • use the Wellbeing Therapy Space brand to build your local presence



The cost of this service is a monthly practitioner profile and online booking link fee and a once-off administration charge per new client acquisition, payable when a client is booked into your WBTS Halaxy Diary AND the client attends for an appointment.

Text Rebecca 0480285058 for more information today.