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Wellbeing Therapy Space has the pleasure of introducing Claire Roche who is passionate about helping clients on their spiritual journey.

Claire Roche

Infinity Healing

Energy Healer, Reiki Master, Inner Child Therapist, and Retreat Facilitator


Claire is a Personal Energy Coach offering a self-healing approach to wellness. Claire takes a holistic approach to help achieve wellness and believes that to feel fully connected we need to be aware of the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical aspects of ourselves. However, most people focus only on their physical or mental wellness and are not aware of, or ignore, the other aspects.


Spiritual Wellbeing

When working with you, Claire focuses on your energy. Her philosophy is that everything in the universe is energy, including ourselves, and we attract into our lives energy that matches us, both good and bad. This is the universal law of attraction. According to Claire, when we start out in life our energy is pure. However, the way that this energy is moulded in the early years can cause blocks, or wounds, which we then keep attracting into our life. As everything is connected, we can benefit from looking at our energy and seeing where we are out of balance or wounded.


Claire utilises an Inner Child framework as the basis when working with clients. Claire believes that by connecting with your inner child through meditation, it is possible to identify what is needed to balance your energy and to help you to heal. Modern psychology incorporates work with the Inner Child as a part of some behavioural approaches.


As a Reiki Master Claire holds space for you and channels soft, nurturing energy to facilitate your journey. She is there to help you identify where there is something that needs addressing and then help empower you to take action.


Physical Wellbeing

Claire’s approach works in a way that connects the mind, body and soul. She makes use of meditation, massage and Ayurvedic guidance to look after your physical body. Claire takes a gentle and client-directed approach. She is committed to giving clients exactly what they need at that moment and believes that she becomes available to clients at just the right time in their lives.


For those clients wanting a deeper experience she also runs weekend retreats. These usually incorporate a programme of yoga, meditation, art therapy and inner energy work.

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